WooCommerce store for outdoor furniture


Easy content management and extendibng of website functions.


An online store that is easy to manage and expand.

google analytics

Monitoring the traffic and behavior of users on the website.


Full integration with Facebook and Instagram ads.


Full integration with Pinterest ads and remarketing.

email marketing

System integration for email marketing.


Optimized server for maximum performance.


Extra performance for shops database.

AWS Backup

Additional backups on external Amazon servers.


Codebase stored in GitHub repository. Separate staging environment.

Brand visibility boost

The absence of streamlined brand-centric navigation and display within the platform can result in reduced brand awareness and loyalty among consumers, subsequently affecting sales adversely.

Solution: Our tailored custom solution tackled this challenge head-on, offering a dual approach to elevate brands presence and improve customer experience

Dedicated Brand Archives with collections

We implemented specialized brand archive pages, enabling customers to effortlessly navigate through all products associated with a particular brand. This approach not only simplifies the shopping experience but also significantly boosts brand visibility.

Within these archives, we allowed to attach products into brands collections. This granular classification further refines the browsing experience, making it more intuitive and aligned with customer preferences.

Brand Name Integration on Product Cards

To further reinforce brand recognition, we added clickable brand names to every product card. This small yet impactful addition means that with every product view, customers are consistently reminded of the brand, fostering brand awareness and loyalty.

The brand names serve as direct links to the dedicated brand archives, creating a seamless flow that encourages customers to explore more products from the same brand, potentially increasing the average order value.

Outcome: This custom WooCommerce solution revolutionized the way brands are presented in the Garden Living e-commerce space. By providing clear, dedicated paths to brand-specific products and enhancing brand visibility at every touchpoint, our approach not only improved the user experience but also significantly boosted brands visibility.

Seamless browsing experience

In enhancing the user experience and streamlining product searches, the store has implemented advanced AJAX filtering on its product pages. This technology allows customers to filter products seamlessly without the need for page reloads, making the browsing experience faster and more efficient.

AJAX-based approach not only improves site performance but also significantly enhances user satisfaction, as it provides a smooth and intuitive way to navigate through the store‚Äôs extensive catalog. The integration of this dynamic filtering mechanism is a testament to the store’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide a superior online shopping experience.

We developed easy to navigate mobile menu, with additional labels directing people to selected destinations. This boosts the conversion rates by showing most popular products.

Track key actions & remain compliant

In addressing the vital need for effective digital marketing while ensuring compliance with GDPR, the store has been meticulously configured to integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics 4, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Pinterest Ads. This setup allows for the collection of valuable user data and insights, crucial for informed decision-making and targeted marketing strategies.

To remain GDPR compliant, the store employs clear and concise user consent protocols, ensuring that all data collection and processing activities are transparent and adhere to the stringent requirements of data protection laws. Users are provided with easy-to-understand options to manage their privacy preferences, ensuring their rights are respected while enabling the store to leverage these powerful advertising tools effectively. This balance of advanced analytics and advertising capabilities with rigorous privacy standards positions the store at the forefront of responsible and effective digital commerce.

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